There is literally no expense taken within our organization to ensure you experience success!  If you choose to align with one of our guided programs then we want to give you peace of mind that it will happen and you will be satisfied beyond the normal expectations. In other words we work on a higher standard of a 10X Satisfaction Guarantee with a 9 out of 10 success rate.  This is our standard period. 


Every CEO and Business Owner has gaps in their business.  These gaps range from experience, mindset, structure, access to financing or funding, credit, available resources, knowledge, management tools, operations, marketing, sales, and solutions. Here at enstigate™ we help you fill in your gaps so you can access the right money, at the right time, in the right way to fulfill the mission and vision for the business.

We do this through a proprietary structure of strategic planning, mindset, and extensive business and financial expertise that essentially removes all barriers to growth in both your life and business.  With this type of structure and guidance it’s a matter of when you succeed not if which is why you will experience your true end goals within our programs.

Everything has been vetted out and proven to work for years with a 9 out of 10 success rate and is backed by our industry leading 10X Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you join one of our programs and initiate the specific actions or events you desire into your life and business and don’t feel you got a 10X Return on Your Investment (ROI) then will work for Free until You do.   

The definition of satisfaction in the dictionary is the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from the action.    I would like to add some additional tangible items that we use to measure the 10X Satisfaction Guarantee such as increased access to money, credit, savings, people, structure, time, connections, health, knowledge, clarity, vitality, mindset, and most importantly your ability to experience your end goals and true choices.

The most highly valuable service I can ever offer you is your ability to master yourself, your money, your time, and your business in a proven format with an experienced guide that will fill in the gaps specific to you while providing you timely Solutions, Accountability, and an Incredible Return on Your Investment (ROI) with a 10X Satisfaction Guarantee all within an affordable price that meets you exactly where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey.

This is our core value proposition, and it would be wise choice to review what enstigate™ can do for you in both your life and business going forward.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you in the very near future!


Brian Rassi

CEO and Co-Founder of enstigate™

Brian Rassi

CEO and Co-Founder

Brian is in charge of all Guided Programs, Vision, and Mission of enstigate going forward.  Let's just say the man who makes all the key decisions of the company. 

Laura Reiss 

Operations Guide

Laura is in charge of all of enstigate's consulting, operations, and system processes of the business. She makes sure the business functions effectively. 

Tim Rassi

Financial Guide

Tim is ensitgate's Certified Financial Analyst. He focuses on Financial Modeling, Bookkeeping, and Structuring of Custom Projects when it comes to Financial Matters.

Jodi Davis

Accountability Guide

Jodi is in charge of all of the enstigate client accounts and supportive team members actions ensuring success is achieved with every endeavor. 

Kelly Ann Brown  

Marketing Guide 

Kelly is in charge of all of enstigate's social media, display ads, and online messaging for both enstigate and our clients. See helps you get seen.

Cathy Marcum 

Capital Guide

Cathy is in charge of all enstigate's underwriting, funder relationships, and capital deliverables in helping our clients get access to money. 

Tom Hundley

Software Development Guide

Tom is in charge of enstigate's software development solutions and ensuring our clients available resources are utilized in correctly when it comes to all things software. 

Mr. Scott Reese

Enstigate Ventures Guide

Mr. Reese is involved in exploring new ventures with select business projects who align and can be better served with the enstigate methodology. 

Future enstigate Specialists

Solutions Guide

We are always looking to add more talent to the enstigate™  team especially when we come across a project that calls for your specialty. Contact us to see how we can work together. 


When Idea, Inspiration, and Innovation Collides with Enterprise and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.  


The key to success is to access the right money source from the beginning. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong funding sources that have no interest in your business. Success is achieved through symbiotic, long-lasting partnerships.


It’s better to be proactive when accessing the right money—before it becomes critical. The most expensive money is the money you accept when you need it the most. The cheapest money is the money you take when you don’t need it.


When it comes to accessing money, there is the right way, and there is the wrong way. Not all funding sources, lending products, and equity investors are the same. Make the wrong decision, and it will directly affect your success in the long run. We are here to guide you.


RECEIVED $58,900

"I was able to get a business loan for a total of $38,900, in less than a week, with bad credit, no upfront cash and no recent tax return to show the bank! Then Enstigate helped me structured a successful online marketing strategy to establish me as a local market leader and attract high-end clients to me each and every month consistently. As my business grew I needed more capital and Enstigate was able to get an additional $20,000 business loan giving me the extra capital necessary to sustain growth." - MICHAEL P. 


RECEIVED $375,000

"With enstigate, I was able to build a business plan, raise $375,000 dollars, set-up the business, bring most of the necessary vendors to the table, structure the operations, develop a sustainable marketing plan and launch my company in less than 88 days!"    - TONY W.






RECEIVED $175,000

"With Enstigate's help we were able to build a successful business plan, roll-out strategy, structure the company and tap into our true authentic power in order to attract the team members necessary to fulfill our purpose and mission. We were able to gain momentum and feel confident when presenting our plan to investors who eventually placed over $175,000 to get our start-up off the ground!" - GREG H. & MICHAEL C.