Our Story...
I was around six when we moved from a really large home into a very small rental. My family was experiencing a rough financial patch that gave us the opportunity to live in multiple places over my younger years. This movement provided the building blocks of my drive to become the very best at whatever I set my mind too. 

Over time I developed an outgoing personality, combined with an outstanding work ethic, and a knack of meeting new people it allowed me to thrive in grade school, high school, college, and even within my first career position with KONE.

After 3- 4 years of hard work I remember I was promoted to a Sales Manger of our San Diego office. On the outside this was a great career success but on the inside something was missing. I just knew this wasn’t the right path for me. 

So, I quit to move across the country in search of my right path. This move raised many fears within myself, my friends, and my family. I was in search of something more to experience and I was determined to get it.

Within one month I met the love of my life Imelda and within 3-4 years I quickly rose up the ranks of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage South Florida Division until an opportunity to start up my own alternative finance company popped up unexpectedly. Once again I felt another call from within and left Wells Fargo to pursue my entrepreneurial desires.

This move led me on a ten-year cycle of many failures, business ventures, millions of dollars raised, breakthroughs, set-backs, ah-ha moments, partnerhsips and many well-deserved experiences that have helped me persevere into a well-seasoned entrepreneur and professional in my field today. 

Unfortunately, this period included the sudden passing of Imelda due to unexpected internal health complications in June 2017.  She was my best friend, my lover, my secret weapon, my business partner, and truly one of the wisest people I have ever met on this planet.  Anyone who met her over the years will tell you the same thing about her, she was really that special of a person. 

About three weeks after Imelda's passing I remember I was completely lost and truly felt I hit rock bottom in every area of my life. Nothing was right I literally had lost my own self-identity and purpose until I remembered a program Imelda created many years ago called, "The RICH Playbook". 
RICH is an acronym for Reclaim Your Integrity to Create Happiness. At that moment I was desperate to find anything leading towards my path of experiencing happiness again.

Imelda’s playbook provided me the opportunity to see a small spec of light at the end of the tunnel. That course was my winning lottery ticket and has set me on a path of unbelievable twists and turns to end up in front of you today as man who has successfully obtained massive Happiness in his life!   

Mentally, physically, spiritually, relationships, and career wise I’m really at an unbelievable spot at this moment. I wouldn’t trade any experience because it has led to me to this successful alignment with my own desires both personally and professionally. 

The Enstigate Entrepreneurs you see today is the manifestation of many years of wisdom of both Imelda and I.   We set out many years ago to change the game for any business owner and entrepreneur who seeks to give themselves the best opportunity to succeed.

Magic doesn’t happen on the well-travelled path. Usually it takes many unexpected bumps and detours along the way to prepare you for the opportunity to say yes to the right path when it comes along. I’m proud to say I’m on the right path for me and if you’re reading this at this particular moment then I have a gut feeling our paths are supposed to meet in some way.

This is a good thing because it is going to allow the both of us to grow from the experience.  My goal is to help you get farther down your own unique path towards happiness and success without the common failures that most entrepreneurs experience along the way.  

You will be pleasantly surprised of what is actually available these days to those business owners and entrepreneurs who seek it!  Allow us to opportunity to help you along your own entrepreneur journey!  
There are many reasons businesses fail; don't let lack of leadership and funding be one of them. That's the easy part! 
Brian Rassi: CEO and Co-Founder
Over the past 18+ years, my career has taken me into many industries and unique circumstances. Not the traditional route for sure, in fact, it’s been a humbling journey to experience the wisdom gained from various business projects, industries and the wearing of different hats.

What I’ve gained is the fortunate edge in being able to handle challenges from numerous angles to move a project forward and many times to succeed where others would give up.

What I’ve discovered is I am a catalyst- an agent for accelerated success. Whether in business or mindset I find solutions that are normally un-tapped. I breakthrough limits in what’s possible for a prosperous outcome.
Imelda Arcilla: Co-Founder and Intuitive Coach
Imelda passed away unexpectedly in 2017 from internal health complications.  Her spirit, passion, wisdom, articles, energy, videos, teachings, transmissions will always live on with enstigate. She believed in the Soul Evolution through Entrepreneurship. I suggest you click here to go to our blog so you can read some of her amazing blog articles and videos to give you a glimpse of how special she was to everyone she came in contact with over the years.
"Every Moment Holds A Powerful Potential For An Instant Shift In Perspective That Changes The Game Forever." ~ Imelda Arcilla
Our Mission...
Enstigate’s Mission is to Mentor Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by Providing Them the Proper Funding, Savings, and Knowledge Solutions to Be Successful.
Our Vision...
Enstigate’s Vision is to Help Tens of Thousands of Successful Entrepreneurs, so they Are Able to Make a Positive Difference in All the Lives They and Their Organizations Touch on A Daily Basis All Over the World.
Our Purpose...
Enstigate's Purpose is To Change the World One Entrepreneur at a Time! When Ideas, Inspiration, and Innovation Collides with Enterprise and the Entrepreneurial Spirit You Are Able to Truly Change the World for Better!

At some point in time in every business there comes a challenge or obstacles that presents itself. It’s how you respond to it that separates You from the rest of the pack. I have found that when you get the entrepreneur itch it will lead you down the path that will begin to force you to evolve into the person you were meant to become in order to succeed. In basic terms you Evolve Thru Entrepreneurship and Failure!

Here at Enstigate Entrepreneurs we focus on Solving the two biggest issues when becoming an entrepreneur. First, we provide access to the right money...at the right time...in the right way.  Second, we provide the support necessary to fully allow the vision and mission of the business to be fulfilled!
There Are Many Reasons Businesses Fail; Don't Let Lack Of Money and Support Be One Of Them. That's The Easy Part!  
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