Helping Entrepreneurs Accelerate Their Business. 

Nothing Supercharges A Business Faster Than Accessing The Right Money, At The Right Time, In the Right Way To Fulfill The Vision and Mission Of The Entrepreneur. 

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This 8-Week Accelerator Cohort Is Specifically Structured to Minimize the Excuses You Make and Bridge the Seemingly Insurmountable Gap Between You and Attaining Your Vision(s).

It takes an incredible amount of focus to align, raise and transform an entrepreneur's business in a short amount of time.  After 17+ years and dealing with thousands of businesses enstigate™ and it's team decided to create a game changer of a service which will move you to the next level rapidly. See below for more information on what each week is all about. 

Week One - Alignment

This first week is incredibly important to get information flowing back and forth between you and the enstigate™ team. 

The first step is to get you oriented with our Success Guide structure.  You will get instant access to our 24/7/365 Membership Site with Three Live (3) Weekly Group Coaching and Superconscious Recode sessions. 

Second step is to get very specific answers to very specific questions as it relates to your business so we can get into business alignment as well. The more information we can get in this first week the better we can begin to get the momentum building!


Week Two - Build Money Access Plan (MAP) and Strategy

This is a structure week for both your life and business. This is were we must get clear on what it is your truly want to create and then we'll build a Money Access Plan (MAP) to get you access to the necessary available resources and capital you need.  This will include the strategy and step-by-step game plan that both you and the enstigate™ team will initiate going forward. 

Week Three - Healthy Structures

It is very hard to build a successful life and business when you Lack a solid foundation.  This week we'll focus on actually taking the right actions and experiencing what that looks like for you with the Money Access Plan (MAP) and Strategy in place.  It's one thing to plan and it's a whole other thing to do and experience the plan in real life.  Both Success and Money loves structure so we'll make it a point to give them both healthy structures to flow into.  

Weeks Four thru Six - Access Capital

This is a big week that You have worked very hard to get to! It's time to begin the raise initiatives where enstigate begins to place your specific information with the right money source(s) necessary to access the money per the MAP. While at the same time You will need to begin to reframe and prepare for the money before you get access to it.  We touch on this money belief piece in multiple areas of 8-week intensive and it's good to get continue to do so before the offer/terms get presented to you.  

Weeks Seven Thru Eight -  Transformation

When you get into alignment with your true end result and you continuously raise awareness of it throughout the past four weeks you just can't believe the transformation you have made so far to get to this point in time!  The momentum is in full force and your firing on all cylinders which is a beautiful thing when your in acceleration mode.  This is a great time to add gasoline to the proverbial fire with you beginning to get access to the right money.   Transformation in this 8-week accelerator guide will be different for every client whom goes thru it and your going to enjoy the full experience of it because that is what you signed up for when you became an entrepreneur and business owner.  You must enjoy the journey along the was as well as the end result!


Fearlessly Funding Your Vision

Listen to this interview with Sensei Victoria Whitfield whom touched on many of the specific items we offer in this Accelerator Guide Program to help create and serve you in your entrepreneurial journey!

Accelerator Guide


8-Week Business Accelerator then $99/week for more Introductions (if needed)

  • Entrepreneur Business Coaching and Structure
  • Startup Funds & Working Capital with Support
  • Money Access Plan (MAP) & Capital Guide Strategy
  • Custom Business Plan Guide, Executive Summary, Proforma, 100-Day Action Plan, Pitch Deck & Documents.
  • 6-Hrs On-demand Video Training
  • Equity Placement(s) and Introductions
  • 2-Weekly LIVE Group Video Calls
  • 24/7/365 Online Membership
  • Dedicated Team Member
  • Weekly Accountability & Support
  • Secure Document Collection
  • Navigation Through The Process
  • Funding Placement Guarantee
  • BONUS: 12-Week Success Guide Masterclass Items
  • Life-Style and Mindset Focused Coaching
  • 12-Core Program Focuses Where You Can Learn, Apply, And Recode Energetic Blockages (aka. Fears, Emotions, Judgements, Behaviors, Failures, Family Entanglements, Traumas, Phobias, Procrastination, Money Beliefs, Resistance, etc.)
  • 3-Weekly LIVE Group Superconscious Recode Sessions (Complete Game Changer!)
  • Increased Productivity With Our Lenses Structure (Mission, Vision & Milestones) 
  • 24/7/365 Online University with 60+Hrs On-demand Videos
  • BONUS: Over 17+ Transformational Meditations
  • BONUS: Includes 2-Ticket to All Live & Virtual Events

Flexible Financing Programs Available. Good Credit, Bad Credit, and No Credit Applications Accepted. Schedule A Call For More Information. 



Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Desire Structure, Success, and Access To More Capital Quickly. 


8-Weeks Of Initiating Actions Specifically Designed To Move You Forward In Both Life and Business.  


If Your Being Offered This Opportunity The Window Of Making A Decision Is Very Short and It Won't Last Long.


We Wanted To Better Align Our Actions To The Desired End Results Of Our Clients! 8-Weeks Of Intense Focus With The Right Structure Can Gain Momentum Quickly In Both Your Life and Business. 


We Both Roll-Up Our Sleeves and Get To Work! There Is A Clear End Result Each Week And We Do What It Takes To Hit It.  When It Comes To Creating Structures It Doesn't Take Long To Get Results!

RECEIVED $150,000

Enstigate™ was able to payoff a high interest loan to give me the working capital necessary to capitalize on a huge new contract with a national grocery to double my business within the next year and cut my monthly payments by 40%! - ERIC H.


RECIEVED $60,000

"Enstigate™ helped me get $60,000 of credit lines within 3 weeks for our restaurant which was experiencing a down month and we were heading into the holiday season. Now we are properly positioned to capitalize on the local catering market to expand our revenue for next year by over $200,000!!" - GREG T.

RECEIVED $32,000

"Enstigate™ helped me get $8,000 right away when no one wanted to lend me any money. I was growing and just didn't meet the normal requirements for most lenders. As we continued to grow Enstigate got me another advance of $24,000 so we could buy more inventory and merchandise at discounted prices, etc." - GEORGE D.

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