Accessing The Right Money Structure Will Provide You Freedom.   

Nothing Supercharges Your Vision and Mission Faster Than Tapping Into The Right Cash Flow Accelerator Structure For The Business! 


This Accelerator Is Structured to Bridge the Seemingly Insurmountable Cash Flow Gap Between You and Your Success.

It takes an incredible amount of focus to align, raise and transform an entrepreneur's life and business in a short amount of time.  After 18+ years and dealing with thousands of businesses enstigate™ and it's team decided to create a game changer of a service which will move you to the next level rapidly because we are able to solve your cash flow challenges through a proven guided program! 

Step One - Access The Right Money Structure And Tap Into Cash Flow

Every business has a money structure that it uses to provide to the customer/client in exchange for money.  The better the product/service provides in value in relation to the time, money, and energy the better the money structure is.

This is very challenging for start-ups and small businesses to figure out in most cases let alone in the beginning of the business.   Until you do your cash flow will fluctuate and cause financial strain on the business, the business owner, and/or the entrepreneur associated with it.  This is why when you are able to Access the Right Money Structure right out of the gate it provides stability to the businesses cash flow immediately. A Complete Game Changer for You The Entrepreneur!!


Step Two - Create & Build Your Own Money Structure With A Guide

When you begin to get involved in the Success Guide Program it helps you get both your Life & Business into alignment with your ultimate end result(s).  This means you get to become the conscious creator of what, why, and how this needs to be in order to fulfill your mission and vision. 

In most cases if not all this requires you to create and build your very own money structure for the business to ultimately allow you the freedom to live the life you have envisioned.  In this section of the Accelerator we help you Create & Build the Money Structure necessary for you to Succeed going forward to experience that Freedom.  

Step 3 - Accelerate Your Cash Flow & Grow The Business With Confidence

As your cash flow begins to gain momentum by utilizing the money structure so is your confidence in your ability to navigate the entrepreneurial journey will increase as well.  When you add this program in conjunction with the Success Guide Masterclass and Capital Guide with the enstigate™ team of guides helping you it's very easy to see why the 9 out of 10 Success Rate is our standard with our products/services.  It's just a matter of when you experience Success, not if, when you have that type of support. 




Available Resources You Can Add-on To Your Weekly Service:





  • Growth Guide Program
  • 5 LIVE Weekly Growth Group Call
  • 12-30-min LIVE 1:1 Consulting
  • Secure Document Portal
  • Funding Placement Guarantee 
  • + Success Guide Items & Add-ons




Available Resources You Can Add-on To Your Weekly Service:





  • Enterprise Guide Program
  • 12-30-min LIVE 1:1 Consulting
  • Custom Solutions with enstigate™ Team Execution (Fractional C-Suite Support - CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CHRM, CBDO, etc.)
  • Designed for 2+ Companies & Larger Projects With Gap(s)
  • + Growth Guide Items & Add-ons 

Available Resources You Can Add-on To Your Weekly Service:




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Fearlessly Funding Your Vision

Listen to this interview with Sensei Victoria Whitfield whom touched on many of the specific items we offer in this Accelerator Guide Program to help create and serve you in your entrepreneurial journey!

RECEIVED $150,000

Enstigate™ was able to payoff a high interest loan to give me the working capital necessary to capitalize on a huge new contract with a national grocery to double my business within the next year and cut my monthly payments by 40%! - ERIC H.


RECIEVED $60,000

"Enstigate™ helped me get $60,000 of credit lines within 3 weeks for our restaurant which was experiencing a down month and we were heading into the holiday season. Now we are properly positioned to capitalize on the local catering market to expand our revenue for next year by over $200,000!!" - GREG T.

RECEIVED $32,000

"Enstigate™ helped me get $8,000 right away when no one wanted to lend me any money. I was growing and just didn't meet the normal requirements for most lenders. As we continued to grow Enstigate got me another advance of $24,000 so we could buy more inventory and merchandise at discounted prices, etc." - GEORGE D.

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