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"This was really why I picked up the phone to call was because I needed a better way to get paid for the services that I provide. But once we started that process there was so much more I needed to know about money and cash flow and my relationship with that." - NETTIE O.


"Coming to funds in the right way at the right time that really spoke to me and that was one of the biggest skills that I had to learn and I was aware of.  I wanted to understand money and how to handle money correctly." - JENNIFER A.



"The moment I did my very first session, I love this so much.  The very first session I had, the recode session, I reached out to Brian immediately and said I really felt like I melted!  When I melted it was like I everything in my body came into alignment.  And it was working with my subconscious and unconscious parts of my brain. Asking questions that I needed to basically be asking myself and not have someone tell me what to say or what to do." - KELLY ANN B.

RECEIVED $150,000 (NOW $392K+)

"Working with Brian and his team has opened up the doors to an abundance of opportunities for me, that I honestly never knew were available for me or possible.  It has expanded this abundance of money not only in my business but in my personal life as well."  - ALBERTO O.



“They have been providing me with these wonderful business funds and resources.  Also, they got the people, they have this wonderful network of people now that I have been able to work with. So now I got professionals that are doing some of the work that I was struggling with before.” – CAROLYN G.

RECEIVED $259,500 (NOW $790K+)

"enstigate™ has been able to help me obtain $259,500 in funding that has fueled product improvements and team expansion that is going to catapult us into 7 figures within the year…maybe even 6 months!” - WANDA & MICHAEL T.



"As business owner your personal finances are co-mingled with your business finances, so getting them not quite separated but cleaned up was key for me." - BRIAN W. 


“They emphasized the need for structure. That was extremely important for me. I already recognized that I needed more structure and anyway that I could get help in defining that was going to be very valuable asset for myself.” – JODI G.



“It’s really powerful to work with someone who is Intuitive.  It’s a whole another level of value to deliver working with someone who is connected to their intuition.  Oh, this looks like it’s good or no this doesn’t feel right.  Being able to tune into that is really empowering.” - VICTORIA W. 

RECEIVED $175,000

"With enstigate's help we were able to build a successful business plan, roll-out strategy, structure the company and tap into our true authentic power in order to attract the team members necessary to fulfill our purpose and mission. We were able to gain momentum and feel confident when presenting our plan to investors who eventually placed over $175,000 to get our start-up off the ground!" - GREG H. & MICHAEL C.



RECEIVED $1,000,000

"enstigate™ helped me get access to a $1,000,000 credit line within 3-4 weeks for my real estate business.  I can now easily acquire and fix up properties on a continuous basis! Complete game changer going into this real estate market were I can make cash offers and buy homes within days!" - ARTURAS S.





RECEIVED $375,000

"With enstigate™, I was able to build a business plan, raise $375,000 dollars, set-up the business, bring most of the necessary vendors to the table, structure the operations, develop a sustainable marketing plan and launch my company in less than 88 days!"    - TONY W.





RECEIVED $58,900

"I was able to get a business loan for a total of $38,900, in less than a week, with bad credit, no upfront cash and no recent tax return to show the bank! Then Enstigate helped me structured a successful online marketing strategy to establish me as a local market leader and attract high-end clients to me each and every month consistently. As my business grew I needed more capital and Enstigate was able to get an additional $20,000 business loan giving me the extra capital necessary to sustain growth." - MICHAEL P. 

RECEIVED $150,000

"enstigate™ was able to payoff a high interest loan to give me the working capital necessary to capitalize on a huge new contract with a national grocery to double my business within the next year and cut my monthly payments by 40%!" - ERIC H.





RECEIVED $60,000

"enstigate™ helped me get $60,000 of credit lines within 3 weeks for our restaurant which was experiencing a down month and we were heading into the holiday season. Now we are properly positioned to capitalize on the local catering market to expand our revenue for next year by over $200,000!!" - GREG T.




RECEIVED $32,000

"enstigate™ helped me get $8,000 right away when no one wanted to lend me any money. I was growing and just didn't meet the normal requirements for most lenders. As we continued to grow Enstigate got me another advance of $24,000 so we could buy more inventory and merchandise at discounted prices, etc." - GEORGE D.

RECEIVED $15,000

“enstigate™ help me get approved for $15,000 which allowed me to have a much-needed access to money while I was awaiting to received payment against an outstanding invoice. As we ramp up our projects, we will need this line of credit to help fund payroll as we grow.” - NADIA U.

RECEIVED $45,000

"Just did my first draw on the line of credit, tight payroll week....they increased me to $45K too...crazy, again, how easy that was. THANK YOU." - BRIAN W.



RECEIVED $41,000

"enstigate™ was able to get us $41,000 with no doc requirements for a start-up because we needed to lock up the space next door to expand!!" - LUIS M



RECEIVED $30,000

“I literally started my business and the next day I was pre-approved for $30,000 in the business name. It took about 3 weeks to get access to the credit lines and during the process it gave me the peace of mind that I have enough funds to start my business without worry about the money!” - CAREY M.

RECEIVED $10,500

"Opened a new cafe that was less than 4 months old and I needed some additional capital to bridge the gap going forward. enstigate™ really came thru fast!" - DOUGLAS B.



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