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Regardless if You're Buying a Business, Planning to Exit or Building Something Extremely Valuable It Takes Devotion Beyond the Ordinary In Order to Bring it to Life!

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Anything Worth While Takes Time and Energy To Develop

This exclusive service was designed to provide you the expertise, support, and knowledge necessary to actually accomplish the end result of any major project or undertaking.  Especially if it is difficult, complicated, or Risky. 

When your Business requires a true custom solution that has to be done the right way; you just can’t give that critical piece over to just anybody!  It’s needs to be placed with an organization who thrives within these types of endeavors. 

Someone who actually has a track record, team, and structure to bring forth a successful outcome consistently no matter the situation.


You're Already at Your Maximum Bandwidth It’s Time to Bring in The Cavalry!

Certain business activities require a different approach in order to illicit the results you’re seeking. Often times the business owner and entrepreneur thinks they are going to quickly be able to pick up these specific skill sets, connections or solutions along the way.

Often times there is an extreme learning curve or financial constraint being placed on the business to actually be able to bring forth this project or undertaking to a point in time where the access to the right money can be obtained.

That gap in bandwidth from where you are to what needs to be done can be filled by enstigate™!

What to Expect with Our Enterprise Guide:

You will experience 1-on-1 consulting to guide you through a hybrid of management, financial, and business decisions.

It is a long-term commitment between yourself, our team, and our mission to help you get access to a successful outcome without you doing it alone.

You Are Not Alone

You will have someone by your side enstigating you take each step to get results.

Customized For You

Your trusted advisor will truly understand your business model to get you the end result you're seeking.

Structure Is Key

You will get custom financial modeling, solution specialists, and expertise to give you what you need to be successful. 

Enterprise Guide

Starts at $499/week

52-Week Complex Solutions Consulting

  • Complex Project & Business Solutions Implemented with an Advisor
  • 24-30-min LIVE 1:1 Zoom Success Calls 
  • Custom Financing and Funding Solutions Support
  • Business Acquisitions Support from Sourcing to Merging
  • Capital Raising Due Diligence Packages For All Funding Sources
  • Exit Planning & Financial Investment Structuring For The Buyer
  • Includes Multiple Complex Project Support With Time Sensitivity
  • In-House Underwriting, Analyst Team and Investment Banking Support
  • Key Personnel, Systems & Operations Support To Fill In The Gaps
  • Business Specific Financial Modeling, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Team Member Building & Accountability Support System
  • 10X Satisfaction Guarantee
  • INCLUDES: 52-Week Success Guide Masterclass, Accelerator Guide, Capital Guide &  Growth Guide Programs
  • BONUS: Half-Day Success Guide Masterclass Event for Organization.



RECEIVED $145,000

"The enstigate™ team and program has substantially increased our ability to access the right money to support multiple events and projects. Every week I'm gaining a much better grasp of my business and model without the lack of direction I was experiencing before.” - NETTIE O. 


RECEIVED $135,000

“Enstigate™ helped us get out of a cash flow crunch very quickly!  While at the same time setting us up with a custom model and savings game plan to support the massive growth were experiencing. We're in line to access another $700,000 in the very near future.” -LUKE M. & KARTHIK S. 

RECEIVED $294,000

"It all flowed into business over a couple of weeks.  Every time I talked to enstigate™ there process exposed many little items that needed to be cleared up to prepare me for the money ahead of time.  I never realized how much goes into it. I'm appreciative of their expertise and sensitivity to my journey." - VICTORIA W.



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