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How She Does It: Imelda Arcilla
Audio by Imelda Arcilla on May 25th 2017
This was a great blog of some much needed Q&A as it relates to Women Funding Advice and our Philosophy here at enstigate from Imelda Arcilla. Imelda's spirit, wisdom, and energy will always live on with enstigate. We're on a mission to Change the World One Entrepreneur at a Time. I want to thank Deborah Bailey of Women's Entrepreneurs Radio for posting it!!

Imelda was such an advocate for women and her passion was to help change the game for entrepreneurs. Truly worth reading and listening to her it will open your eyes to what is possible when you evolve thru entrepreneurship!

To Listen to Imelda's Interview Click Below:

About Author: Imelda Arcilla

Imelda Arcilla was an Intuitive Soul Strategist & Transformation mentor who helped you Thrive in every important area of your life. Imelda passed away unexpectedly in 2017.  Her spirit, passion, wisdom, articles, energy, videos, teachings, transmissions will always live on with enstigate. 
There Are Many Reasons Businesses Fail; Don't Let Lack Of Funding, Savings, And Knowledge Be One Of Them. That's The Easy Part!  
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