Enstigate™ Solutions offers customized credit, banking and financing solutions for business owners. We specialize in Growth-Based Financing, Exit Strategy Solutions and offer a wide-range of financial products for businesses at every revenue level. Enstigate™ Solutions handles all aspects of the financing process for our clients.
Our mission is to provide better, faster and affordable lending to business owners. Our objective is to give business owners a chance at qualifying for more available resources (money, credit, loans, lines, etc.), rather than credit history or scores, and provide low-cost loans and lines to fuel growth within the business.


Enstigate™ Solutions offers access to exit financing based on the current or future earnings of the business itself.  Each repayment schedule is customized to match the business owners retirement needs and funds are made available immediately with the most optimized tax savings in the marketplace. Exit financing is available for business owners who are seeking an exit within the next 1-10 years.  Learn more.


Many entrepreneurs use Enstigate™ Solutions to obtain loans used to finance business ventures to help them secure their long-term earnings potentials.  Financing through Enstigate™ Solutions helps provide a long-term cash flow yielding an asset that is 100% stabilized. Learn more.

Pre-Revenue and Start-up FUNDING

Business owners and entrepreneurs can receive funding prior to generating revenue within their new business venture. Eligibility is based upon a business owner's current credit profile (and/or cosigners) plus we can provide access to business credit financing as well.  Financing is available to the business owner with no revenue history  and funds can be made available within a couple of weeks.  Learn more.

growth-guide CONSULTING

Enstigate™ Solutions designed a step-by-step financing exclusively for business owners who want to grow and scale their business. Business owners can obtain financing customized to their current and future needs. No limits on the amount of financing that can be obtained with this service.  Learn more.


Many businesses can instantly receive cash savings and incentives that can free up a substantial amount of liquidity for the business (on average $200K+), that they are most likely unaware of.  Enstigate™ Solutions provides existing businesses access to these savings solutions which as already allowed over $500+M to be utilized by businesses just like yours. Learn more.
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