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What Would You Do Tomorrow If You Had $100,000 Of Additional Funding?
Written by Brian Rassi on March 02, 2019
Let me ask you a question…

What would the first thing you would do tomorrow if you secured $100 000 of additional funding for your business? 

Are you... 

Planning on putting the money aside incase of an emergency, and continue with business as normal? 

Heading straight out to buy all these expensive toys amd invest in things which have got nothing to do with the success of your business, or 

Planning the best use of this funding, calculating the risks and using this to build your business? 

Now this may seem like a loaded question, there’s a profound meaning to be found if you pay attention to what your immediate reaction is. 

Of course, everyone knows the right answer is the third option, but was that what you thought of immediately or was your first instincts one of panic, overwhelm or excitement? 

See, the growth of your business is directly tied to your ability and comfort levels when it comes to managing cash flow. 

And if the thought of having an additional $100 000 instantly drop into your account brings with it the instincts to squirrel it away of spend it without taking the time and consideration to plan it’s best use effectively...How Are You Going To Manage 

Fact won’t 

You’re not ready for it yet. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself ready to handle it by creating the right habits now. 

Smart entrepreneurs understand the power of funding. 

You get to use someone else's money to grow your business and use the additional profits to pay them back, with interest. 

At the end, you’ve still got 100% ownership of your business, now it just happens to be significantly bigger and more profitable and those who lent you the funds have been repaid with a nice interest. 

It’s the definition of win-win. Right? 

But along with opportunity, comes risk. 

And this is what scares many entrepreneurs, limiting their ability to grow a successful company and keeping them chained to a limitation of their own cash flow.

Now, don’t think for a minute I’m suggesting you need to go out and find $100 000 or more today...that’s just silly. 

But I do think an open and transparent conversation about how strategically utilizing funding could help propel your business forward while managing the risks. 

Like in most things, the advice is simple… 

Start Small, Think Big 

Grow into someone who can effectively manage $10 000, then $100 000, then 
$1,000,000 any beyond. 

Be proactive in preparing yourself and your business while planning for what could eventuate in the future. 

Then...get on the path 

I would love to help you with this, so please let me help.

About Author: Brian Rassi

Brian Rassi brings over 18+ years extensive experience in business development, direct sales and customer relations to business ventures.  As a catalyst, he specializes in creating high-performance business ventures by focusing on consistency of funding, balanced growth, and integral profitability. He believes success is built through valuing collaboration, cooperation, trust, openness, consistency, and execution.
There Are Many Reasons Businesses Fail; Don't Let Lack Of Funding, Savings, And Knowledge Be One Of Them. That's The Easy Part!  
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