When you bring about or initiate (an action or event) with enstigate™ something great happens in the world!
We Do This With B1G1

Making A Difference Through Everyday Giving

Over the years we have been proactively initiating actions on behalf of our clients goals.  Helping them get access to the available resources they need to be successful in their business.

We have recently been inspired to think bigger, go global and join other like-minded businesses to make a difference in our world through our enstigate™ Life initiative. To achieve this, we needed to embed our giving philosophy into both our internal  tasks and our clients everyday tasks. So, we joined B1G1. They are leaders in a worldwide movement to support and leverage business success for the greater good - locally and globally.

Like Our Staff, Our Clients Are Part of This Pledge to enstigate™ Life.

Embedding giving into the core of our business ensures engagement and investment at every level. Both our Staff and Clients choose a social purpose project that resonates with them. Every proactive action or initiated event produced for our clients and by our clients results in a donation to make a difference in another life. These donations are made on behalf of our clients, and every project is linked to at least one (and often several) impactful missions around the world.

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