We know that the single biggest reason why businesses fail is they lack access to capital. At the same time, getting access to capital can be time-consuming, and near impossible to know where to start. Our goal is to empower you with pricing information to help guide you for your self-investment.
As you consider working with enstigate™ to help you gain access to money BEFORE you need it, this pricing guide will help you clearly understand the costs of our service. You will know how much to budget for this commitment and how you will be investing in your business in the long run.
A Couple Things to Consider With enstigate™
Now you have a much clearer picture of what to consider when deciding what package is best for you, we are ready to introduce you the packages we offer.

Success Guide

Our success guide masterclass is the entry point to Enstigate and what opportunities will come up simply by aligning your inner human intelligence/intuition and funding solutions. You will combine personal development with success structures. Here you will reprogram your mind, body, and spirit to trust this skill set. The first step is to remove the resistance that is holding you back from the right next step. Here you will believe in vibrating the confidence to know you are worthy of success.

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Capital Guide

The capital guide package is for the business that is currently lacking clarity in capital and credit options. You will get access to the right money, at the right time. Get your business a capital-ready business plan and pitch deck. All ready to be submitted to the distinguished capital resource database tailored to your exact needs. Ensure you are in the best position by setting up and gradually increasing your business credit along the way with a proven system that gives you results.


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Growth Guide

Keep the momentum of your business going to push you to exponential growth. This is where strategic financial structuring, maintaining high operating cash levels, and accelerating debt elimination is essential. Together we will work on strategies to grow your equity and implement strategies that only the top 1% of companies put into play. You will have a personal hand every step of the way.



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RECEIVED $41,000

"enstigate was able to get us $41,000 with no doc requirements for a start-up because we needed to lock up the space next door to expand!!" - LUIS M



RECEIVED $30,000

“I literally started my business and the next day I was pre-approved for $30,000 in the business name. It took about 3 weeks to get access to the credit lines and during the process it gave me the peace of mind that I have enough funds to start my business without worry about the money!” - CAREY M.

RECEIVED $10,500

"Opened a new cafe that was less than 4 months old and I needed some additional capital to bridge the gap going forward. enstigate really came thru fast!" - DOUGLAS B.



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