ATTENTION:  There are many reasons businesses fail; 
don't let lack of leadership and funding be one of them. That's the easy part!  
Where Are You At On Your Entrepreneur Journey?  
Brian Rassi
I Am a Catalyst- an Agent for Accelerated Success!
Here at enstigate, we specialize in developing entrepreneurs thru a proven coaching program. 
Our track record consistently produces a high success rate for entrepreneurs!!
A new small business story rarely ends happily. Over 50% of new businesses fail in the first year, over 80% fail within 5 years, and 96% (!!) fail within their first 10 years! Why Is This?

All the studies and surveys seem to show that two (2) major factors dictate the success or failure of a business. If you don’t address both of them then you are most likely going to Fail and Fall into the Entrepreneurial Trap.
First Major Factor, You must be able to Lead and Manage the business effectively with sound judgement. According to statistics from the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (AIRA), the majority of business failures (67%) are caused by internally generated problems within the control of management - not by bad luck and external events, like an economic recession.

Second Major Facor, You must have the proper funding and consistent cash flow necessary in order to successfully run the business from the start thru the first 5 years. Most entrepreneurs fail because they lack the proper sales and marketing skills necessary to sustain their growth. Thru multiple surveys and studies, it is the Lack of cash flow in conjunction with Lack of capital that cause over 29% of business failures.
en-sti-gate – (verb)
When Idea, Inspiration, and Innovation Collides with Enterprise and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Enstigate was founded on the premise of helping entrepreneurs find and do what they’ve always wanted to do by living a RICH Life. RICH is an acronym for Reclaiming your Integrity to Create Happiness.

As entrepreneurs, ourselves, we understand you and your needs. We know that your entrepreneurial dreams are just part of your motivation to support your extended dream of living a higher quality life, to be able to create more and do more things that you enjoy with the people you love. All the while working with a wonderful community that contributes to your success and inspires fulfillment in major areas of life. This is living a RICH Life!
This Entrepreneur Coaching is Perfect For:
  • New, established, and/or experienced entrepreneurs. 
  • Anyone who desires to run their own dream business. 
  • Motivated people who have a passion for living RICH. 
  • Those who are coach-able and conscious thinkers.
  • For those who lack funding and consistent cash flow.
  • Willing to put in the self-work to better themselves.
  • If YOU are able to take responsibility for your actions.
"Our Success is Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Realized." ~ Imelda Arcilla  
If you’re inspired by the possibilities to create more opportunities for abundance in your life, with the idea of being supported than this Coaching Opportunity is for You. If you’re open to collaborating, and to innovating your life for your entrepreneurial dreams then this Coaching Opportunity is for You. If you’re open to working really hard, utilizing proven entrepreneurial systems and tools than this Coaching Opportunity is for You.

We’ve created a special invitation from our company dedicated to helping you get the training, coaching, experience, funding, and opportunity that can truly provide you life-changing financial results and give you the flexibility necessary to enjoy life as well.
Client Results and Testimonials
"I was able to get a business loan for a total of $38,900, in less than a week, with bad credit, no upfront cash and no recent tax return to show the bank! Then enstigate helped me structured a successful online marketing strategy to establish me as a local market leader and attract high-end clients to me each and every month consistently. As my business grew I needed more capital and enstigate was able to get an additional $20,000 business loan giving me the extra capital necessary to sustain growth."- Michael P.

"Brian helped me get $22,000 in working capital in order to help get my second restaurant location open! From start to finish the process was really simple." - Stephen T.

"Enstigate helped me get $8,000 right away when no one wanted to lend me any money. I was growing and just didn't meet the normal requirements for most lenders. As we continued to grow enstigate got me another advance of $24,000 so we could buy more inventory and merchandise at discounted prices etc."- George D.

"My long time vendor had a management change and it caused me to lose my vendor credit line at the last minute. In order to not lose out on massive savings from them and to get more merchandise in the store to sell, I needed money fast and enstigate delivered $10,000!" - Ron S.

"With enstigate, I was able to build a business plan, raise $350,000 dollars, set-up the business, bring most of the necessary vendors to the table, structure the operations, develop a sustainable marketing plan and launch my company in less than 88 days!"- Tony W.

"Enstigate helped me develop my business plan, logo and roll-out my website and very quickly. Then they were able to educate and teach me on how to use social media to position my company effectively to influential people so they would be interested in getting involved with me and my mission. I can't imagine doing all of this on my own! It feels really good knowing I have a team behind me who has been able to direct me every step of the way." - Rita G.

"I just got "Enstigated"!... thank you, Brian and Imelda, for all the business wisdom. It was easy, enlightening and now I have a new vision as to how to create and manage my new business going forward."- Aimee T.

"One of the best decisions I have made was to work with enstigate. Imelda has opened a new doorway for me to experience greater abundance in my business, which has flowed into my personal life as well. Her knowledge and outstanding intuitive skills have shown me things I never realized. As I employ what Imelda and Brian have taught me, more doors are opening and ushering in new flows of income and possibilities going forward. I never realized how “stuck” I really was by using old business foundations, until Imelda dazzled me with her vast know-how and exhilarating energy that I couldn’t help but take notice!" - Carolyn G.

"Enstigate has truly helped me figure out the best way to use my business to fuel my life. I can't say enough about Imelda and Brian's ability to infuse all their insights into a clear concise playbook that anyone could follow. I was able to put my business together and have a team of experts behind me every step of the way. It's been an eye-opening experience and I can't wait to see what happens next!"- Don S.

"With enstigate's help we were able to build a successful business plan, roll-out strategy, structure the company and tap into our true authentic power in order to attract the team members necessary to fulfill our purpose and mission. We were able to gain momentum and feel confident when presenting our plan to investors who eventually placed over $175,000 to get our start-up off the ground!"- Mike C. and Greg H.
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