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Soul Evolution Through Entrepreneurship
Written by Imelda Arcilla on Oct. 6th 2015
Growing epically through your business and using entrepreneurship as a mechanism to a higher calling and ascension.

The Universe uses the journey to become a successful entrepreneur as a carrot for us to evolve into our highest potential, which can be a gritty and courageous path. It makes us face where we’re not showing up fully and to resolve blocks from the past to now move forward.

In this evolutionary time entrepreneurship challenges you to rise above mediocrity, limits and fears to serve with your genius & gifts to the world.

Ascension pushes you beyond what you think is possible for you and align with being a leading edge creative being. You resonate with the universal pulse to create something new and that serves the greater good for humanity.

It teaches us that failure is part of the journey and never a definitive last word unless we choose it to be, especially if you are a trail blazer forging your own path. It gives us clarity about direction and helps us refine our purpose and passion.

Working with our intuition is crucial to business as we connect deeper within ourselves and the universe we realize our divine essence and create a bridge to the Universal heart that we are all connected to and though.

So we transcend the trends and get to the truth of the matter and serve with heart & creativity.

Becoming a savvy entrepreneur doesn’t just require the good old reliable success principles, although commitment, intention & aligned action will always be part of the staples of success, but internally we’re wanting to experience business in a more soulful, expanded & holistic way to truly feel rich.

We realize that our personality must serve the Soul in order to be truly happy and in understanding this we create business that inspire and support other holistically in mind, body and soul blueprint for health, success and ability to create abundance.

As we’re going through great changes & transformations on the planet collectively and individually we are emerging through this ascension as masters.

We are healing ourselves and each other through unconditional love, wisdom & support.

We are revealing something greater, an initiation to something bigger than we can see & dream for ourselves right now, because it’s a portal for the new and where we’re going.

So we have no history we are following our hearts and inspiration to create a new world where we thrive.

In stepping into something greater than the old reality we were given, we have to elevate our consciousness and knowledge to use the wisdom inherent within us to serve the whole.

Entrepreneurs must expand in ways you’ve never done before, grow into your TRUE self and highest capabilities. This will allow you to be successful in all areas not just in business.

To fully express who you are: Speak your essential truths, jump into the deep unknown, boldly & gracefully put yourselves out there, be willing to face your dragon, trust yourself, evolve and have faith.

We gain traction, when we know who we are and have the spiritual backbone to stand up for our visions.

This is where we gain momentum in our deepest knowing and highest light we use this as leverage to catapult us to our victories.

Are you a conscious being, thoughtful & aware of your impact?

Is what you bring to the table beneficial to the whole in some way? Do you turn your challenges into opportunities for growth so you can transform and master your life?

Do you shine fully so you can inspire others to shine their own unique vibe? Are we better because you dared to risk, loved, played bigger and radiated your genius?

It is so much more than value for money-ultimately how we do business is part of our evolutionary destiny and ascension to our becoming.

More than any other time in history we are building opportunities for ourselves & for each other and creating freedom and lifestyle that resonates with our definition of success.

Through our gifts we serve others and through our light we inspire humanity

Here’s to our Soul Evolution through Entrepreneurship!

About Author: Imelda Arcilla

Imelda Arcilla was an Intuitive Soul Strategist & Transformation mentor who helped you Thrive in every important area of your life. Imelda passed away unexpectedly in 2017.  Her spirit, passion, wisdom, articles, energy, videos, teachings, transmissions will always live on with enstigate. 
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